pictures taken with casio r-fifty one.
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

dive more noobs

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i'm using blogger again cos the comment system in xanga sux -_-

Monday, June 26, 2006

nothing much to do !

dad is out, mum is out, bro is out. only me and bb girl and grandma and tina (new maid) ._.

well ! i managed to exchange my d50 for a new one, this one is working perfectly ^^. I went shopping 2 nights ago and i saw a pair of earring, it likes like this.


SERIOUSLY! haha.. i'll upload the picture tmr, cos my brother took the DC out, went ice skating with anna. how sweet =( WTB boyfriend please. haha..

nothing much to do la, been playing around with my camera and editting pictures, including thus year-old ones, just picking random things from iphoto to edit.

ah i have been following WC closely of cos. was holland vs portugal yesterday and it was like, WOW. the referee must be having fun with all the cards haha. speaking of cards and referee, int he australia vs croatia match the ref (was is graham poll) flashed 2 yellow cards to a croatian player without giving him a red card ?_? only on his THIRD yellow card did he get a red card. it was pretty 'WTF ?_?'. haha.. and that match was sooo chaotic, when the match ended i didn't even know it was o_o

italy vs australia coming up soonish.. draw i bet XD if you're betting, buy australia with handicap !

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

new home

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

SO ! I was celebrating after I finished my homeworks.

On this fine Friday morning, Telstra fixed my telephone line which previously had problem. Right. SO.. they screwed up with my ADSL line at the same time. Here's what happened next..

called telstra : call your ISP, it isnt our fault
called ISP : call telstra, they probably screwed the line
called telstra : not our fault, call ISP
called ISP : call telstra to tell them it's ok on their end
called telstra : not our fault, i dont know what's going but it's not telstra's fault
called telstra again : maybe our fault, call ur ISP to launch the complain
called ISP : ok we'll launch complain, will take 3-4 working days or so. In the mean time you want to try our dial-up plan which is 1.10 per hour?

don't you love telco? Australia and there eff-ed up customer support. Hiring people who knows nuts to work at 'help' desk.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

mission accomplished !

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

._. have to do homework. I'm now trying to do this 3000 word essay, mission impossible 5!

What's MI4 then, it was when I dreamt of my grandma and she drove to the airport and gave me a lift in hongkong. o_o amusing isn't it.

Looking forward to the end of the week ! We'll be yumchaing, if you see this post and I have yet to ask you, ASK ME ! Carol has been dreaming for dimsum for forever. We probably can go KTV afterwards and sing Shan Hu Hai !! haha, Carol will be the male voice though, everyone know how high pitch I am XD

okok, GO ME ! *starving though*, i'm at 100 words haha. Well at least I've started!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

back to blogging due to popular demand, rofl.. I'm thinking of switching to Xanga though.

What have I been doing ? nothing much, end of semester so it's like homework rushing and stuff. Had a photoshoot yesterday morning at Bronte Beach at like 7am. Featuring a mere 8 degrees, a huge bag, chilly wind and blind sun. Maybe I'll post some pictures ._. I'm still editting those I took for my assignment so here's a simple shot of the Bronte Beach, pretty sweet. The pictures are decent so I guess it's worth it. Can't wait to get my DSLR during this holiday so I can get rid of this crappy Sony T1, automation is zzz. Then maybe when I come back from holiday I can take some Bronte Beach picture at Dawn, gonna be gorgeous. What a shame that I don't have a car =(

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Recently Carol bought an oven so I've been cooking occasionally. Whether they are any good please do not ask my boyfriend cos he says 'OK' to everything (except porridge that I made which he somehow likes alot), so discouraging =( Well ! Those food aren't too bad =p You can see the pictures on Carol's blog.

Back to designing the layout for a pamphlet that I am working on, class later ._.

Two weeks to Hong Kong !

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Friday, March 03, 2006

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my wall hugging BB girl !! :D~

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this is my tempura-alike mocha ~

i live among some cutest stuff on earth eh

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time for a new blogskin ! STAY TUNE !!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005


byebye to my 50 bucks cos my bro bought an Acura RSX instead, i gotta admit it's pretty handsome =p

hehe, anyway it was first day of work for me 2day, as an interviewer. what are interviewers? they are those who irritate you along the street with surverys and questionnaire. yes so i was being a bug this afternoon =p who cares, pay is decent lol. but the standing was quite horrid. stood for like 3 hours repeating 'excuse mdm can i have a few minutes of your time (voice trails off cos in most cases the lady has somehow walked past already)'. of cos there were some nice one la, there was this lady with a little girl, the little girl was SOOO CUTE. but but but.. she referred me as 'aunty'... first time in my life someone call me an auntie =p shd i laugh or cry eh =p

hehe being the newbie interviewer the supervisor inch-ed me on a few occasions. hehe dada and i agreed that she is niao la ~ [inch as in cantonese.. = niao in singlish]. but ohwell, i dont really care. but the sad thing is i got inch-ed at home later at night as well o.o' eeks.

more standing tmr !~

warren: "working ftl"

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

wow !!! it's exactly a month since i update =p wonder if anyone actually still watch this space ~

just some recent updates in my life.

i'm in hongkong now already ! after stopping over singapore for a few days, only managed to visit some friends =/ sry~ if i didnt meet u, doesnt mean i don't love u =p bare that in mind !!! ~

in hongkong now ><~ quite the boring.. choose to hide at home most of the time, dont even have the motivation to go out, or even to spend money x_x god knows why. of cos i enjoy the company of my family la, but i miss somebody in australia =/ man i've nv imagine myself wanting to be in australia haha. well actually i still dont but not like he can come back hk ><~

brother gonna get a new car, wonder what he'll buy. 50 bucks says he'll get a IS200.. haha. although i wish he can get a rav4 la, but rav4 seems so uncommon in hongkong. speaking of my brother, i wish somebody could wake him up man. wasting parents money for tuition fees and skipping school (like worse than me), and copying homeworks all the time. geez

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

ages since i've been so freaked out.

was awaken by a nightmare 3am last night, about someone calling for help and me refusing to cos i was sleeping, then i woke up seeing skulls on my handphone. of cos this is just a brief description la ~ it's pretty creepy ><~ and being alone at home i was like so freaked out ~~ i jus jotted up and literally ran to the light switches. /cry.. so scary.. had difficulties falling asleep again...

i think i fell asleep at like 5+.. just to have another nightmare. and it consists of kathy vogan (our digivid lecturer). geeez~

freaky -_- but i cant possibly be stress can i ! wonder what causes them, maybe cos my tap (it has been leaking for months) was finally fixed yesterday and i'm not used to the silence? it once made SO MUCH noise and night.. so sleepy now but dun dare to get back to sleep, who knows what will the next dream be.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"First day of freedom" ?

finally handed in the essay itself, true that i've wrote that like last week but i was too lazy to do the cover and the bibliography. now that the actual copy is handed in i'm so relieved ! =p some might wonder how much did i write, i wrote a might 1600 words ! omg ^^ (the criteria was 1500-200, being the ahem smart me of cos i typed as little as possible la, unlike the 2 andrews... both well over 2000 -_-" )

bro broke his arm in hongkong yesterday during soccer =( according to mummy it was like really badly broken and the bones are poking outta the flesh and dangling like chicken wings. i was only informed today cos he was only wheeled out of surgery room at 2am. pain... >< i was quite worried la but i think he's all well now otherwise my parents wont tell me ~ get well soon u stupid bro, i miss u T_T (on second thought, he cant drive for monnths!!! wahahah )

oh yesyes i went musashi for dinner ~ the musashi special was some light grilled salmon belly sushi. omgomg so yummy. the next time if u guys see it, must try ! ^^

sheesh i'm mixing up todays and yesterdays...

anyway i dreamt of myself driving buses =p haha. and it was like someone was suppose to drive but he was taking a break, so i drove and was so scared and didnt dare to open the door to let anyone up :sheepish: =p the bus was huge T_T speaking of which i havent drive for ages ... but of cos then again i rather be driven ! lazy me !!

*sings* i realized the song tai xiang ai ni is quite nice ! XD

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Saturday, November 05, 2005


what am i suppose to be doing right now ?

at this hour it was planned to help carol move her stuff here !

but but but, being the day after most deadlines. everyone sleep like a log !! *snore* tell me why am i not surprise =p well of cos i'm an exception ! i woke up 15min before the scheduled time haha =p /yawn.... me wanna go back to sleep yawn ~

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

just 1 more day to go.

screw quality. i just wanna pass..

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